Road safety at every location is our top priority!

REBLOC® permanent precast concrete vehicle restraint systems are used for long lasting protection on the central reservation and along the verge. Vehicles deviating from the road are retained or redirected and dangerous breakthroughs are prevented. As a result road users as well as persons and objects at the roadside are well protected.

Permanente Fahrzeugrückhaltesysteme

Integrated coupling – more than simple concrete and steel

The integrated, innovative coupling together with a full-length steel tension bar and an ingeniously-designed reinforcement system ensure high security and practicality. The single elements are connected to a strong chain, which safely dissipates the energy caused by vehicle impact. Thanks to the interlocking construction, there are no loose parts, which prevent unauthorized removal of pieces and protect fully against vandalism.


Fast installation for more security

Through the quick installation, which is possible in any weather at any time of the year, time and money are saved. Additionally, it is possible to minimize logistics and therefore also the duration of road works. This allows faster resumption to normal traffic flow, which at once increases road safety.


REBLOC® areas of application

Depending on the field of application, REBLOC® offers an extensive product range of permanent vehicle restraint systems. These include:

  • free standing systems
  • embedded systems
  • backfilled systems
  • anchored soil systems
  • anchored systems
  • free standing systems with position securing

All relevant containment levels from T1 to H4b are covered at the same time as achieving low working widths. Very high containment levels can also be accomplished in an economically efficient way.

The free standing systems need no additional anchorage and are available in different heights and containment levels respectively working widths.

Product overview REBLOC 80 – system height 80 cm

Product overview REBLOC 100 – system height 100 cm

Product overview REBLOC 110 – system height 110 cm

Product overview REBLOC 120 – system height 120 cm

Product overview REBLOC 140 – system height 140 cm

The system is embedded into the carriageway and is mainly used, where a high containment level combined with a low working width is needed. The installation of short barrier sections is possible due to a short minimum installation length of 40 m.

REBLOC 84XEAL – system height 80 cm

The high protection against crossovers is achieved due to double-row construction with backfilling and embedment in asphalt. The system is preferably used on the central reservation on motorways.

REBLOC 85BF – system height 80 cm

Temp2perm – efficient and cost-effective road maintenance management!

The system is simultaneously suitable for the REBLOC® application temp2perm. Firstly, the symmetric or asymmetric system is used as a single-sided, temporary barrier. Afterwards, the elements are installed as a permanent, backfilled system. Time and money is saved by reducing the number of transport journeys. In addition, the costs for the temporary system are reduced as the concrete elements are already on site.

Temporary system for temp2perm

This barrier can be used as a single-row or double-row system for the central reservation as well as for protection along the verge. Due to the installation on compacted soil it is a very cost-efficient system.

Product overview – system height 80 cm

REBLOC 120AS – system height 120 cm

The anchored system with minimum working width is ideal for the application on the edge of bridges, for the protection of bridge piers as well as along the verge of roads. This modern anchoring system delivers a rigid response to impact ensuring that the elements do not move, despite their slim construction.

REBLOC 80A – system height 80 cm

REBLOC 100A – system height 100 cm

The containment level H4b offers the highest level of safety at the same time as low system movement. The high containment level  is achieved thanks to the shear force beams between the concrete elements. The position securing located every 8 metres ensures that the elements remain permanently in place.

System height 100 cm

(previously named RB100SF_8_H4b/W4)