We develop vehicle restraint systems with precision and care using precast
concrete elements to provide passive protection on roads and motorways.

We apply ingenious technology and continuous innovation
to make sure we are always one step ahead.

We apply all our knowledge to protect human lives.

REBLOC® combines over 100 years of experience in manufacturing concrete safety barriers with the latest innovations and concepts for modern vehicle restraint systems.

Patented REBLOC® technology enables you to meet the most stringent safety specifications and offers a wide ranging system that is a benchmark in terms of rapid installation and cost effectiveness.

As an autonomous company within the Oberndorfer Group, REBLOC® develops, produces and sells state-of-the-art precast concrete vehicle restraint systems to enhance traffic safety on roads worldwide.

The wide-ranging system offers optimized solutions in all relevant areas of application. In line with our industrial background, REBLOC® is a provider of cost effective and reliable concrete barriers for installation in large volumes.

REBLOC® delivers on safety and cost-effectiveness. We believe our high quality, technically advanced, efficient systems make a considerable contribution to increasing road safety. All safety barriers are comprehensively tested according to European Standard EN1317 with real-life crash tests.

REBLOC Unternehmen, Permanente Fahrzeugrückhaltesysteme