The SILENT product line impresses with its space-saving combination of noise barrier and vehicle restraint system.

  • High noise protection effect thanks to minimal distance to the source of the noise
  • Easy and quick installation due to simultaneous mounting of vehicle restraint system and noise barrier
  • Patented REBLOC® coupling system for a secure connection of the elements
  • Different materials, colours and design as sound absorption material possible
  • Different system heights realizable

The combined system both saves space and offers maximum noise protection for densely populated areas. The REBLOC® integrated noise barrier can be economically and space-savingly integrated into road construction. The slim overall width of the system of 105 cm ensures optimal use of the available space.

The installation is free standing, there is no anchorage into the underground. The concrete elements are connected by the patented REBLOC® coupling, which safely connects the elements. Thanks to the modular design, various highly absorbent panels made of concrete, aluminum or acryl glass can be combined, resulting in numerous architectural design options.

Noise Barrier Types

Double-sided Noise Barrier
for central reservation and verge of the road


Single-sided Noise Barrier
for central reservation


Double-sided Noise Barrier
for verge of the road