REBLOC® offers a wide selection of special elements for technically advanced solutions. Annual investments in research and development continue to expand our technical expertise, which is essential for the development of efficient special solutions. This way, the highest level of traffic safety is ensured even in difficult installation situations.

These include:

  • Free-standing and anchored terminal elements
  • Transition elements to steel systems
  • Short elements for narrow curve radii
  • Bifurcation elements
  • Elements for mounting light columns and traffic sign elements (In addition to a double-row construction to protect lighting masts or other objects in the central reservation, the lighting mast can also be installed directly in the REBLOC® vehicle restraint system, where space is limited.)

Transition elements

All REBLOC® systems can be connected together force- and form-fit. So different containment levels, system heights and widths can be combined with each other. Every conncetion consists of the unique REBLOC® coupling.

The connection of different temporary systems as well as temporary to permanent systems can be performed technically accurate.

Example: REBLOC 50_12 – REBLOC 80S_12 (temporary – temporary)

Example: REBLOC 100_8 – REBLOC 50_12 (permanent – temporary)