Time and cost-efficient maintenance of construction sites!

We developed the REBLOC® temp2perm system, which complys with European standard EN1317. The system has been approved for both temporary (T3) and permanent (H2) use. The method is particularly suitable for maintenance work on motorways.


Step 1: For the duration of the construction work the elements are installed as a temporary, free standing system to protect the construction site or oncoming traffic. Both symmetrical as well as asymmetrical systems are available.

Step 2: Following completion of the works, the elements used as temporary system are installed to be used as a permanent system.


The advantages of temp2perm are considerable:

There are no additional costs such as rental fees or return transport costs for the temporary system. The elements are already on site and just have to be moved into a permanent position by the installation team. Extra transport costs for the permanent system are also saved. As well as reducing the number of truck loads, this method also saves resources.


Temporary application to protect the construction site

Permanent application to protect the central reservation