Reliability in every situation – safe traffic management at roadworks saves lives!

Especially on hazardous sections of road, e.g. at roadworks, it is essential that reliable temporary vehicle restraint systems are deployed.

The risk of accidents occurring is greatly increased at points where traffic passes roadworks. In order to prevent the disastrous consequences of a vehicle breaking through into oncoming traffic or entering the roadworks construction site, safe and reliable vehicle restraint systems are essential to protect people working on the construction site and road users.

Past events have indicated that insufficient protective measures have often led to severe accidents as a consequence. This demonstrates the importance of effective restraint systems because they can save lives. Because the space available at roadworks is often limited, concrete barriers represent a perfect solution. They deliver high containment levels with the lowest dynamic deflection.

REBLOC© temporary vehicle restraint systems provide best protection for roadworks. Our product range offers different levels of containment levels, working widths and heights of element – covering a wide spectrum of applications.

Temporäre Fahrzeugrückhaltesysteme

Slim construction

In addition to their high containment level and low working width, the low space requirement and slim construction of the elements contributes greatly to increasing road safety.

Rental service saves costs

We support you with our expertise from the very beginning of your rental project to ensure professional planning, costing and implementation. With the REBLOC® rental pool, our temporary systems are rapidly available worldwide. Thanks to our rental service concept, we offer a cost-effective and very economical opportunity to rent REBLOC® concrete elements. This service avoids high invest costs and complicated storage logistics. In addition, REBLOC® experts are available to help you plan and implement your project.

Short installation time and efficient logistics

REBLOC® temporary vehicle restraint systems enable very quick installation regardless of the weather or season. The implementation of traffic restriction measures is rapid and straightforward and is reduced to a minimum. At the same time we take efficient transport utilisation into account. The high loading volume saves time and money thanks to the reduced number of loads while minimising installation time and protecting the environment simultaneously.

Product overview REBLOC 50 – system height 50 cm

Product overview REBLOC 60 – system height 60 cm

Product overview REBLOC 80S – system height 80 cm

Product overview REBLOC 80SA – system height 80 cm