Production and Warehouse Facility


Within less than a year, our new production and warehouse location is emerging directly behind our office building, completed in 2021.

The investment, totaling around ten million euros, reaches an almost historic scale. Following the purchase of a former industrial facility along with its existing hall and the acquisition of additional adjacent land, results in a total area of 32,000 m². The existing hall and the already asphalted areas will be sustainably reused. The new production facility highlights the importance of our headquarter in Gars am Kamp.

Simultaneously with the renovation of the existing hall, which houses the social and communal rooms, a new hall with a length of 120 m and covering an area of 4,400 m², is being constructed. Upon completion, a total of 5,400 m² will be available. During construction, particular attention is paid to sustainability and durability of the building. The new hall will be built of solid reinforced concrete with excellent insulation. Heating will be provided by the nearby wood pellets heating plant and thermal activation of the building structure in the hall floor. The roof allows for the installation of a 400 kWp photovoltaic system. Modern workspaces, electric cars, and high-quality machinery can thus be operated efficiently.

At the new location, steel moulds and steel built-in parts will be produced. From here, we will export our products worldwide. Construction began in mid-January 2024 and work is progressing rapidly. The completion is foreseen for autumn 2024.

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