Sustainable Protection

for Future Generations


REBLOC concrete safety barriers meet the highest sustainability standards through local production and short transportation distances. They contribute to securing the future for future generations through efficient resource use and long service life. These barriers are resistant to damage and can be easily removed and reused in the same location in the event of minor collisions. They are made from 100% recyclable materials. Invest in a sustainable future with REBLOC concrete safety barriers.

  • Simple planning
    • Wide product portfolio for various possible applications

    • REBLOC products are compatible with all systems
  • Local industrial production
    • Consistently high quality through monitored prefabrication in the factory
    • Comprehensive network of local production facilities
    • Local value creation
    • Short transport distances
    • Compliance with high local environmental regulations
  • Pre-storage
    • fast and short-term availability
    • very high delivery performance in a short time
    • sufficient time for the concrete to cure
  • Fast Installation & Logistics
    • Easy and quick installation in any season and weather condition
    • Short-term availability through pre-storage at the factory
    • Short transport distances
    • Very high installation performance (up to 4.000 m/day)
    • Point-symmetric design for direction-independent installation
    • No risk of installation errors, as there are no loose parts
  • Efficient Operation & Long Service Life
    • Very long service life
    • Simple water management or effective cross drainage (elements available with and without drainage openings)
    • Best sealing for water protection areas
    • Resistant to repairs
    • Easy maintenance of greenery
    • Quick replacement of individual elements after heavy impact events
    • Vandalism-proof, as there are no loose parts
    • Easy and safe collection of waste by sweepers


  • Fast Demolition & Recycling
    • Very fast demolition and removal of the elements from the construction site
    • Minimal traffic disruption during dismantling
    • Separation of materials for recycling
    • 100% recyclable
Simple planning
Local industrial production
Fast Installation & Logistics
Efficient Operation & Long Service Life
Fast Demolition & Recycling