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  • There are many products. How do I know which one is right for my project?

    In our product finder, you can filter by different parameters such as performance criteria and application areas. In addition, you can always contact our sales department for specific information.


  • Do you deliver and install all systems and products?

    The delivery of our concrete barriers is carried out by selected forwarding agents. All of our safety devices can be installed by professionally trained personnel at any time of the year and in any weather conditions.

  • Is your installation staff specifically trained?

    Yes, our installation staff receives appropriate training from the installation supervisor before installation.

  • Are your systems tested?

    All REBLOC safety devices and transition structures are tested according to European Standard EN 1317 by real impact tests.

  • Where are REBLOC systems used?

    Due to their diverse designs and impact tests, the concrete barriers can be used very flexibly and cover almost all application areas. REBLOC offers individual, customer-specific solutions that can be adapted to the respective installation situation and traffic conditions.

  • Can a system be installed by the customer? Do you offer training?

    The safety devices can also be installed by our partners (customers). We are happy to organize corresponding training.

  • How quickly can you deliver?

    REBLOC has high storage capacities and there is usually a comprehensive range distributed across many storage locations throughout Europe. For concrete information, please contact our sales department.

  • Do you carry out on-site visits to assess my requirements and recommend the most suitable products for my project?

    Our dedicated team will be happy to visit you on site to advise you and find the best solution for the specific installation situation together with you. Please contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our employees.

  • What other services do you offer?

    We are happy to support you in planning your construction project and advise you on the safety devices that are right for you.

  • What are the advantages of concrete barriers from REBLOC compared to steel guardrails and cast-in-place concrete?

    Industrial prefabrication guarantees consistent quality standards. Year-round production in factory halls offers optimal conditions for high product quality, as it takes place under always the same, controlled conditions, independent of negative influences on the construction site. Installation is possible at any time of the year and in any weather.

  • Can REBLOC vehicle restraint systems be transferred from use for work site protection to permanent installation?

    Yes, the SWITCH systems can be directly used from the work site protection to guide traffic as a permanent protection in the median or at the edge of the roadway.

  • Are REBLOC vehicle restraint systems and transition structures BASt listed?

    Yes, numerous systems and transition structures are listed in the BASt lists (TL - transportable safety devices and technical overview list). You can find the current status on the BASt website.

    Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen

  • How long do REBLOC concrete barriers last?

    The concrete barriers have a very long service life with low installation and repair costs. This aspect will become even more important in the future due to environmental protection. Concrete is a molded stone due to its composition and therefore very weather-resistant and durable. At the end of their service life, concrete barriers made of prefabricated parts can be easily and meaningfully recycled.

  • How complex is the repair of a concrete barrier damaged after an accident?

    After serious accidents, individual elements can be replaced quickly and easily at any point in the closed element chain.

  • Is there any traffic disruption when installing REBLOC vehicle restraint systems?

    With REBLOC systems, construction sites can be carried out quickly, easily and reliably at any time of the year. After production on site, immediate traffic clearance can be granted. Thus, the impact on traffic flow is minimized and traffic safety is increased.

  • Are all REBLOC vehicle restraint systems combinable with each other?

    Yes, all REBLOC systems can be easily connected with each other through tested transition structures and elements.

  • Can REBLOC vehicle restraint systems be rented?

    Yes, our systems can also be rented. Please contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our staff members.

  • Are REBLOC transitions tested and compliant with EN 1317?

    Yes, transitions comply with the European Norm ENV 1317-4, and their performance has been proven through real crash tests.

  • Can REBLOC concrete barriers be easily connected to existing systems?

    Appropriate transition elements are available for connecting REBLOC concrete barriers to foreign systems.

  • Does the foundation for REBLOC FRS require special preparation?

    REBLOC concrete barriers can be placed on different foundations, such as concrete, asphalt or compacted subgrade.

  • Are there solutions for using REBLOC FRS in very limited spaces, such as on construction sites on bridges, etc.?

    Yes, there are special construction systems that are specifically designed for use on bridges due to their narrow construction width.

  • Can REBLOC concrete barriers also be used to safely separate bike paths and sidewalks from roads?

    The Minibloc product range has been developed specifically for the protection of pedestrian and bicycle paths.